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January 29th - 31th January 2012 - Swiss-PLG Conference and 10th anniversary celebration in Flims

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Actualización: Final program. Puedes encontrar la información al final de la reseña o haciendo clic aquí para ir directamente.

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15th  Swiss PLG Conference Registration Open

On behalf of the Swiss PLG, we are pleased to announce that our registration website for the 15th Swiss PLG Conference 2012 is now open.


We warmly invite you to join us in Flims, Switzerland from Sunday 29th  January to Tuesday 31st  January 2012 for three days full of presentations, discussions, networking and the celebration of Swiss PLG’s 10th anniversary.


Under the title “Living with CHANGE as the Only Constant - Life Science BD&L, Then, Now & Tomorrow”, issues related to the evolution of our business environment and changes that every senior manager and business developer faces on a daily basis will be addressed.


Establishing and fostering personal contacts is key for successful business development activities.  Many informal opportunities throughout the conference provide excellent opportunities to establish new contacts, renew existing ones, and set the stage for promising business relationships.

The venue – Waldhaus Flims Hotel, among The Leading Hotels of the World is one of Europe’s leading winter resorts – allows immersing yourself in the inspiring sights and sounds of one of the most beautiful regions of Switzerland.


Please visit the registration page for the preliminary program and to sign up now and take advantage of early bird rates.


The Swiss PLG board obtained some further advantages for our Swiss PLG members and a discount of 20.- CHF/night on the room rates will be available. Please consider to join us as a member when you are registering for the conference.


Click on the registration link on the homepage of the Swiss PLG www.swissplg.ch or go directly to the link https://www.organizers-events.ch/organizers/97/home


Furthermore sponsoring opportunities are available for those who are interested to promote their companies and their support to our association. We would be glad to discuss our various offers or to develop a tailored sponsorship for your company. 


If you have any questions please submit an email to info@swissplg.ch or call +41 (0)61 313 33 13


Dirk Reckert

Conference Coordinator                                                     


Karen Wagner

Conference Coordinator                            



Swiss Pharma Licensing Group
Zaelghagweg 74 | 4457 Diegten | t +41 (0)61 313 33 13 | f +41 (0)61 313 33 14
info@swissplg.ch| www.swissplg.com





Dear Colleague,


the preparation for the Swiss-PLG annual conference in Flims is progressing very well and the program is in its final fine tuning steps.


Please make sure that the dates of 29th-31st January 2012 are on your calendar and that your registration is completed for this special 10th anniversary conference.


For your information, the early bird conditions are still valid. Take advantage and register now.


Looking forward to your participation.


Dr. Rachid Benhamza


Swiss PLG


Swiss Pharma Licensing Group
Zaelghagweg 74 | 4457 Diegten | t +41 (0)61 313 33 13 | f +41 (0)61 313 33 14
info@swissplg.ch| www.swissplg.com







Dear Colleague,

The final program for the Swiss Pharma Licensing Group annual conference in Flims is now available and you can download it here.

There are already over 60 registrations and if you desire to join us for an exciting and innovative program, for a productive and experienced networking and to celebrate together with us the Association 10th Anniversary, you can register at the following link
www.swissplg.ch or at https://www.organizers-events.ch/organizers/frontend/reg/thome.csp?pageID=104172&eventID=97&eventID=97.

We look forward to welcoming you in Flims on 29th-31st January 2012.

With our best regards

Dr. Rachid Benhamza

President Swiss Pharma Licensing Group

Click here to download the program.





Dear Swiss-PLG Members, Dear Colleagues,


Happy New Year !


Only few weeks to go before our annual conference in Flims. The chosen topics about Changes in the Pharma industry reflect the current issues, trends and challenges we are facing on a daily basis. Attending this conference shall certainly help you to be better prepared to achieve your objectives for 2012 while allowing you to develop and to nurture your network within business development and licensing community.


To see the full program and to register please visit our web site www.swissplg.com.


We look forward to seeing you.


Best regards,


Rachid Benhamza

President Swiss PLG


Swiss Pharma Licensing Group
Zaelghagweg 74 | 4457 Diegten | t +41 (0)61 313 33 13 | f +41 (0)61 313 33 14
info@swissplg.ch| www.swissplg.com



Click here to download the program.



14 y 21 de febrero - Desayunos de Trabajo en Madrid y Barcelona

Actualización: Presentación desayuno Barcelona.


La nueva Junta de PLGS sigue trabajando en las actividades formativas y de networking que siempre han caracterizado a nuestra asociación. Por esta razón el Proyecto 2012 mantiene los Desayunos de Trabajo como formato exitoso para lograr dichos objetivos.

En nuestro intento de buscar temas de interés, este año tendremos la oportunidad de contar con la colaboración del despacho de abogados Cuatrecasas, Gonçalves-Pereira, especializados en Farmacia, Productos Sanitarios y Biotecnología a través de su sección Life Sciences, y que por su trayectoria y reconocimiento pueden brindar a PLGS un conocimiento útil a sus socios.

Si deseas saber más haz clic aquí. (área privada para socios)



17-18 y 24-25 de febrero. III Curso de Desarrollo de Negocio


Dentro del programa formativo de PLGS para el año 2012 nos es grato anunciarte la celebración de la 3ª Edición del Curso de Desarrollo de Negocio, que PLGS organiza con CESIF.

Este curso se ha diseñado para proporcionar conocimientos y habilidades prácticas a aquellos profesionales que se inician o llevan pocos años introducidos en el área de Desarrollo de Negocio. El curso ofrece formación teórica con una clara orientación práctica incluyendo casos y simulaciones aplicados a modelos de negocio y elaboración de key terms basados en ejemplos reales.

Este curso es fruto del esfuerzo de PLGS por fomentar las actividades formativas de la Asociación, y en este caso, especialmente centradas en la actividad de Desarrollo de Negocio. El curso esta subvencionado por PLGS.

Haz clic aquí para ampliar la información (área privada para socios)



March 5th - 7th2012: PLG Introductory Training in Pharmaceutical Business Development


Con objeto de promocionar actividades formativas de interés para nuestros asociados, a continuación tienes la convocatoria del siguiente curso de iniciación en Desarrollo de Negocio, por si fuera de tu interés.



Pharmaceutical Business Development

Introductory Training Course

5th - 7th March 2012

Since its inauguration in 1994 this PLG Introductory Course has become an industry accepted standard for new entrants into Business Development and Licensing.

A three day residential programme, the Introductory Training Course provides detailed lectures on all critical areas of the Partnering Process. 

  • Partner Search
  • Due Diligence
  • Agreement Analysis
  • IPRs
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Financial Analysis
  • Negotiation
  • Legal Aspects
  • Alliance Management

An unparalleled ten strong faculty of industry experts ensure the course delivers top level expertise and best practise.  The lecture material is brought together with an interactive case study that enables students to affect knowledge transfer as well as developing their analytical and negotiation skills.


Who should attend?
The course is designed to provide an introduction for executives working either directly or in close liaison with Business Development.

The Dawson Scholarship was created in the year 2000 to encourage young professionals to join the profession of licensing and business development in the pharmaceutical industry.

The Award consists of free participation in either one of the PLG Introductory Courses being run each year, or a single module of the MSc Course. Final date for applications is 30th July 2012.

For full details and qualification requirements can be found on :



If you have any queries to do with the PLG Training courses, other courses offered by Medius Training or would like to book a place, please contact: Linda Sterrett Tel: +44 [0] 20 8654 6040 Email: linda@medius-associates.com

Medius Training, 47 Upfield, Croydon, CR0 5DR
United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0) 20 8654 6040
Fax: +44 (0) 20 8654 6046
email - info@mediustraining.com

PLG Training Brochure

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DISCLAIMER: The information contained in this email is intended only for the personal use of the named recipient. If the reader is not the intended recipient, you are advised that this has been received in error. Any copying or dissemination of this message is prohibited. 



March 8th-9th, 2012 - X International Partnering Meeting

Actualización: Convocatoria actualizada y lista de compañías del año pasado.

Desde PLGS y con objeto de apoyar las actividades de formación y networking, queremos compartir contigo la celebración del X International Partnering Meeting organizado por Europa Pharm SMC, que este año tendrá lugar en Barcelona, los próximos 8-9 Marzo. Bajo el título "Incremental Research: New Market Segments & Emerging Markets", este encuentro da cabida a ponencias y a dos talleres de trabajo, con espacio para el networking entre compañías.

"Europharma Meeting" será inaugurada por el Presidente de Farmaindustria, D. J. Ramentol, y será también participada por ponentes de la Industria nacional (Esteve) y sectores afines (IMS), sin aparcar las sesiones prácticas (talleres) y tiempo para el networking.

Dado que este encuentro se celebra en Barcelona, las compañías españolas tienen precio especial de inscripción, por lo que creemos que es un punto ventajoso para su asistencia.

Desde PLGS apoyamos este encuentro, que estamos seguros será de tu agrado.

Haz clic aqui para ampliar la información (área privada para socios).



March 8th-9th, 2012

Successful R&D in Europe - 4th European Networking Event

Desde PLGS queremos compartir contigo la celebración del "R&D in Europe: 4th European Networking", que se celebrará en Dusseldorf los próximos 8 y 9 de Marzo.

Puedes consultar la información haciendo clic aquí.

Puedes descargar el flyer del evento haciendo clic aquí (formato PDF)



May 10th- 11th 2012 - Joint meeting of the PLG UK and PLCF in Paris

Actualización: Ya disponible el programa del evento y el formulario de inscripción.


En Mayo 2012 se celebrará un encuentro en Paris entre la asociación de licencias inglesa (PLG) y francesa (PLCF). Bajo el título "Developing Alliances", las dos asociaciones darán cabida a un atractivo programa de conferencias, precedido de una cena. Este encuentro no es exclusivo, y está abierto a socios de otras asociaciones.

Desde PLGS apoyamos y difundimos las actividades formativas y de networking, por lo que confiamos que este programa es de interés para el socio.

Durante este encuentro participará Easton Associates, que abordarán el tema de Acceso al Mercado, como factor relevante y de riego en la evaluación de oportunidades de Desarrollo de Negocio.

Para conocer la dimensión de la importacia de los datos de Acceso al Mercado en el análisis de oportunidades, Easton Associates brinda a los socios de las asociaciones de licencias europeas participar en una sencilla encuesta. Entre los participantes que colaboren en la encuesta se sorteará un vale de Amazon por valor de 300 €.

Haz clic aqui para descargar la encuesta (área privada para socios)

Clic aquí para descargar el programa del encuentro.

Clic aquí para descargar el formulario de inscripción.

Podrás encontrar información adicional en la web de PLG-UK: www.plg-uk.com



Mayo 31, 2012 - Desayuno de Trabajo Cuatrecasas: La defensa de la validez de la patente

El Desayuno de trabajo organizado por Cuatrecasas se celebrará en Barcelona el próximo 31 mayo, bajo el título: "La defensa de la validez de la patente"

Este Desayuno está íntegramente organizado por Cuatrecasas, si bien y gracias al acuerdo de colaboración alcanzado, nos parece oportuno difundir esta convocatoria, que consideramos de interés para el socio de PLGS.

Clic aquí para descargar el programa.



June 8th 2012 - Swiss PLG Academy: Sharing the Expertise

Recordatorio: Últimos días para registrarse.


Actualización: Ya disponible el programa final del evento (área privada para socios)


Dear Colleagues,

"Swiss PLG Academy: Sharing the Expertise"

June 8th 2012, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Hotel Starling & Rolex Learning Center (EPFL), Lausanne

Ø  Are you concerned about Business Development and Licensing in the healthcare and medical environment?

Ø  Are you interested in learning and sharing expertise and experience with your current and/or future colleagues?

Join the "Swiss PLG Academy: Sharing the Expertise" on June 8th, 2012
to achieve these objectives!

Topics of this Academy will cover patent issues, legal considerations, funding and financing of new ventures as well as business development activities in drug development companies, drug delivery, MedTech and OTC.  Speakers include Frank Schager (Actelion); Karen Wagner (Ysios Capital Partners); Laurence de Schoulepnikoff (Novartis); Kim Bill (Nestlé Health Science); Christoph Maier (Fromer) and Jean-Jacques Becciolini (Advanced Urology Solutions)

To register, please connect to https://www.organizers-events.ch/pll12

  (Places are limited)

For hotel reservation please contact Mr. Martinez, Starling Hotel  meetings@shlausanne.ch. The corporate rate of CHF 215 is valid until May 7th, 2012.

Participation fee: CHF 150 for full day conference incl. networking lunch and coffee.

In addition, the Swiss-PLG Board would be glad to welcome you with an informal networking apero on June 7th, 6.30 pm to 8 pm in the Rolex Learning Center (Restaurant Vallotton).

Special rates of CHF 215 CHF/night have been negotiated for you at the Starling Hotel, ideally located next to the EPFL and the Rolex Learning Center and only 10 min from downtown, on behalf of the Swiss PLG Academy. This rate will only apply for reservation made before April 15.

Looking forward to welcoming you in Lausanne in June!

Jean-Marc Séquier

Board Member

Swiss Pharma Licensing Group
Zaelghagweg 74 | 4457 Diegten | t +41 (0)61 313 33 13 | f +41 (0)61 313 33 14
info@swissplg.ch| www.swissplg.com





Junio 19, 2012: Desayuno de trabajo KPMG


Desayuno de trabajo. Sector Farmacéutico  - 19 de junio de 2012


Tenemos el placer de invitarle a un desayuno-coloquio en el que debatiremos:

Recientes normativas fiscales de interés para el Sector Farmacéutico, relativos al Impuesto sobre Sociedades y al Impuesto sobre el Valor Añadido (Carlos García del Cerro, Director del área de Corporate Tax Services – Maite Vilardebó – Directora del área de Impuestos Indirectos de KPMG Abogados)


Reflexiones sobre los efectos para la industria farmacéutica derivados de las nuevas disposiciones legales introducidas por el Real Decreto-ley 16/202, de 20 de abril, sobre medidas urgentes para garantizar la sostenibilidad del Sistema Nacional de Salud y mejorar la calidad y seguridad de sus prestaciones. (Francisco Aránega – Director del área de Derecho Farmacéutico de KPMG Abogados)

El desayuno tendrá lugar el próximo martes 19 de junio de 9:30 a 11:30 horas en nuestras oficinas de Barcelona.Rogamos confirmen su asistencia antes del próximo 15 de junio de 2012.

Si deseas ampliar la información haz clic aquí (área privada para socios)



28 de junio: Cena estival de PLGS


La celebración de la cena estival de PLGS, exclusiva para socios, este año tendrá lugar en Madrid el próximo 28 de junio (jueves) 2012.

Como otros años, buscamos un lugar agradable que nos permita reunirnos, estrechar contactos y disfrutar de la velada.



4-5 de octubre: XII Asamblea General PLGS


La XII Asamblea General se celebrará en Tarragona, los días 4-5 de Octubre. Pretendemos que durante este encuentro anual los socios podamos fomentar los dos pilares básicos de nuestra asociación: formación y networking. Para ello, este año tendrá interesantes ponencias así como la información por parte de la Junta Directiva de la situación actual de PLGS y los objetivos a corto y medio plazo de nuestra organización.


Y lo que es más importante, tendremos una oportunidad única de networking, ya que nos reuniremos en Tarragona los responsables de Business Development de las principales compañías del país y tendremos tiempo para poder conversar, analizar oportunidades de negocio,…


Puedes descargar el boletín de inscripción así como consultar las ponencias, agenda y otros datos de interés en el área privada para socios.


Actualización: Ya puedes descargar las ponencias que se realizaron como parte del programa de la Asamblea.



September 17th - 19th 2012: 6th European Pharma Licensing Symposium Budapest

Actualización al final del artículo: Summary of the event and preparation for next year in Dublin

La organización EPLS quiere compartir con los socios de las Asociaciones europeas el documento de inscripción en condiciones favorables (early discount), para aquellos que formalicen su registro antes del 30 Abril. Igualmente, y como en años anteriores, EPLS brinda a las compañías la posibilidad de patrocinar este simposium, marco de encuentro de más de doscientas compañías europeas. En este sentido, se anexan las condiciones de colaboración para todas aquellas empresas que quieran participarlo (sponsorship option).


Following the very successful 5th European Pharma Licensing Symposium held in Vienna in 2010 and an equally exciting Xth International Pharma Licensing Symposium in Barcelaona in 2011, the European PLG Council will be holding the 6th European Pharma Licensing Symposium : September 17th - 19th 2012 : in Budapest.

Straddling the romantic Danube River, with the Buda Hills to the west and the start of the Great Plain to the east, Budapest is recognised as the brightest jewel on the Danube and is often described as the most beautiful city in central Europe renowned for its culture and history.

The venue for this event will be the Marriott Hotel located on the banks of the Danube, with registration and a Welcome Drinks Reception on the evening of September 17th. We will be hosting a Gala Dinner on Tuesday 18th cruising up the Danube, a perfect networking opportunity whilst taking in the illuminated sites of this beautiful historic city.

The theme for the meeting will be “Success Factors for Licensing” and the subjects will include topical issues such as Licensing vs. Acquisition; Royalty Stacking and Renegotiation; Regional Growth and Biosimilar Development Strategies as well as the latest developments on AMNOG and the OTC Market in CEE countries.

Delegates & Online Contact System

The EPLS meetings attract senior executives involved in business development & licensing across within the pharmaceutical & biotechnology industry from across Europe, Canada and USA. All registered delegates received access to the online delegate system allowing them to contact all other registered delegates prior to the conference.

Topical issues being covered include :

  • Licensing vs. Acquisition
  • Royalty Stacking and Renegotiation
  • Regional Growth and Biosimilar Development Strategies
  • Latest developments on AMNOG and the OTC Market in CEE countries.

Partnering Sessions  

In addition we plan to include specific
partnering sessions from companies based in CEE and CIS countries, all of whom will be seeking partnering opportunities for their markets. So for those companies who are seeking to place their products with commercialisation partners in CEE and CIS markets this conference will offer a unique opportunity to identify and work with potential partners.


Who should attend?
Non-PLG members are welcome to attend the meeting, please contact Adam Collins on 01737 355700 or admin@plg-uk.com if you have any questions or require any further information.

programme details and further information can be found :


In recognition of the fact you have attended past PLG events we are keen to invite you to join us in Budapest and to offer you our Early Bird Discount.

Registration is now open with the Early Bird Registration fee of €850 for payments received by 30th April 2012. The Standard Registration Fee will be €975.

We sincerely look forward to welcoming you to the magical city of Budapest and joining us for lively interactive discussions and networking opportunities.

Kind Regards

Nigel Greaves
EPLS Conference Director

Si deseas ampliar la información haz clic aquí (área privada para socios).


Actualización: Summary of the event and preparation for next year in Dublin

The 6th EPLS conference which took place last month in Budapest was a very successful event. Attracted representatives from 160 companies who enjoyed two days of presentations alongside plenty of networking opportunities, including a wonderful gala dinner cruise along the River Danube.

The conference covered topics of utmost relevance to the daily work of business development executives and offered excellent networking opportunities. During the conference the inaugural meeting of a new PLG, ''PLG CEE'' took place.
Swiss PLG was represented at the meeting by over 20 members, including 6 speakers. As at past events, we organized a get together party for our members. It took place at a traditional Hungarian restaurant and received a positive echo.


Companies attending:

3M Drug Delivery Systems
Abiogen Pharma SpA
Acino Pharma AG
Acraf S.p.A.
Actavis Hungary Kft
Actavis UK Ltd
Actelion Pharmaceuticals
Alfred E. Tiefenbacher (GmbH & Co. KG)
Alliance Pharmaceuticals Limited
Almirall S.A.
APOGEPHA Arzneimittel GmbH
Aptalis Pharmaceutical Technologies
Arecor Ltd
Aspire Pharma
AstraZeneca GmbH
AstraZeneca SpA
Bannert Manlik Consultants
Basics GmbH
Bavarian Nordic A/S
Bayer Pharma AG
Bayer Vital GmbH
Beacon Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Berlin-Chemie AG
Biogen Idec International GmbH
Biomedica Foscama Group S.p.A
Bracco SpA
Chemo Iberica
Chiesi Farmaceutici SpA
Chiesi Limited
China Medical System Holdings
Covington & Burling
CSC Pharmaceuticals Handels GmbH
Csendes Consulting
Daiichi Sankyo Europe GmbH
Delphi Genetics
Denk Pharma GmbH & Co. KG
Desitin Arzneimittel GmbH
Desma Healthcare SpA
Destiny Pharma Ltd
Disphar International B.V.
Dr. M. Newzella GmbH
Dr. Willmar Schwabe GmbH & Co. KG 

Druggability Technologies Holdings Ltd
Egamid Ltd
E-Pharma Trento S.p.A.

EvaluatePharma Ltd
Ever Neuro Pharma
Ewopharma AG
F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd
Fasken Martineau LLP
Ferring Pharmaceuticals SA
Gebro Pharma
Genfarma Laboratorio
Ges Genéricos Españoles
Goodwill Pharma Ltd
Grünenthal GmbH
GSK Vaccines
Hameln Pharma Plus GmbH
Helsinn Healthcare
Hetero Europe S.L.
HK&ZY Best Pharma Distribution
Institut Straumann AG
Insuline Medical GmbH
Janssen-Cilag B.V.
Janssen-Cilag s.r.o.
Jill Ogden Consulting Limited
Juste, S.A.Q.F.
Kowa Pharmaceutical Europe Co. Ltd
Kowa Research Europe Ltd
Kyorin Europe GmbH   
Laboratoires Urgo
Laboratorios Cinfa
Lohmann Therapie-Systeme AG
Lupin (Europe) Ltd
Lupin Atlantis Holdings SA
M&A Health
Marinomed Biotechnologie GmbH
Marlborough Pharma
Max Zeller Söhne AG
Medinova AG
Medius Associates
Mehmet Gün & Partners
Merck KGaA
Merck Médication Familiale
Mercury Pharma Group Limited
MetrioPharm AG
Midas Pharma GmbH
Mike Parnell Associates
Mitsubishi Pharma Europe
MSD France
MSD Sharpe & Dohme
Neogen Development N.V.
Neogen NV
Novartis Consumer Health
Novartis Farmaceutica S.A.
Novartis Pharma AG
Novozymes Biopharma UK Limited
Nycomed Danmark ApS 

onkovis GmbH
Orphan Europe sarl
Paladin Labs
Palau Pharma S.A.
Pangolin PharmaTech
Petrone Group srl
Pfizer CZ
Pharmaselect International Beteiligungs GmbH
Phytopharm plc
Pierre Fabre Médicament
PMC Pharma Management Consultants GmbH
Potter Clarkson LLP
Quisisana Pharma
Recordati SpA
Richter-Helm BioTec
Rivopharm SA
Rottapharm SpA
Sager Pharma Ltd
Sandoz Hungária Kft
Sanofi-Aventis Deutschland GmbH
Sanova Pharma
Santen GmbH
Siegfried AG
Simon-Kucher & Partners
STADA PharmDevelopment
Takeda Pharmaceuticals
Takeda UK Limited
Temmler Werke GmbH
Teofarma srl
Teva Europe
Teva Italy
TH Consulting
Tillotts Pharma AG
Typharm Ltd
Unither Pharmaceuticals
Verum Clinical Ltd
Vifor Pharma AG
Vifor Pharma Ltd
Warner Chilcott
Welding GmbH & Co. KG
Wockhardt EU
YES Pharmaceutical Development Services GmbH
Zcube srl
Zierenberg Health Sciences

Next year the XIth IPLS meeting will take place mid-September in Dublin. The organizing committee has started to work on the meeting agenda. The national PLGs were asked to provide proposals for topics ideas and speakers. The Swiss PLG board wants to pass on this invitation to you. Please let us know by November 15 about topics you think are relevant, as well as about your interest to deliver a talk or organize a workshop in Dublin. You can send your proposals either to Helga Prosenz (helga.prosenz@swissplg.ch) or to me. Thank you.
Best regards,
Ivan Csendes, PhD
Swiss PLG Board member