Año 2014


Nueva web PLG Europe


Tenemos el placer de comunicarte los cambios llevados recientemente a cabo en el portal de PLG Europe. A partir de ahora adquirirá un carácter más dinámico para anunciar los eventos propios y de otras asociaciones, incluidos los de PLG Spain.

Esperamos que esta iniciativa promueva nuevas vías de comunicación y un aumento de la interacción entre los socios de las diferentes PLGs.

A continuación tienes el email enviado por Adam Collins, de PLG UK, asociación que se encarga de la PLG Europe.



Dear All

I'm sure by now most of you will be aware of the new PLG Europe website that is now live at This has been upgraded alongside the PLG UK site so shares some of the same pages but the European site retains its own homepage and events section. All the PLG logos appear on the main homepage with links to all the groups.

The new site allows increased functionality and ability to add events and details to the site very quickly. If you have any events or details that you wish to add to the European site then please send the details through to me and I will be able to add them straight away and I can then link this to your website for further information. We anticipate the site will provide us with an improved platform to market all PLG events throughout Europe.

You will see that the 7th EPLS in Prague is a 'featured event' on the site to hopefully encourage potential delegates to visit the Prague pages where they can download the programme and book accommodation etc.

We hope that you like the new improved website and please let me know your comments on any further improvements.


Kind regards
Adam Collins
PLG Administrator